The Hip ME Project

Bringing mind/body tools to schools & clinics. 

What Is HIP ME?


HIP stands for Highlands Integrative Pediatrics. HIP is a pediatric practice in Denver founded by Bryan Kono, MD. ME stands for Matthew Emrick, a para-professional at North Middle School in Aurora, CO who died unexpectedly in 2006. 


Matt brought light and love to the students at North Middle School. He helped them with their sadness, their fears, their uncertainty, their doubts.... he made them feel seen, heard, loved and important... he offered and expressed guidance, strength, confidence safety and equality.... he was a parental figure, a mentor and a leader. A memorial scholarship AND mindfulness center have been created at North to continue Matt’s legacy. It is our hope that the mindfulness space, named after him, will continue to shine his light on everyone at North. And this next chapter of bringing a similar model to other schools will continue to spread his legacy & light.


Highlands Integrative Pediatrics is a pediatric clinic in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver that is bringing integrative healing modalities, alongside traditional care, to patients and families. Mindfulness tools are being introduced to patients to better support their physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as address the impact of trauma on their health, and it is our hope that we can bring this model into other pediatric clinics.


It is our intention to bring the mindfulness model currently being used at North Middle School in the ME Mindfulness Center and at HIP to other schools and clinics in the Denver and Aurora communities.


We are at the beginning stages of this project. We are starting the process of becoming a non-profit and will continue to update this website with information as it becomes available.