Our Vision

What is the HIP ME Project?


HIP stands for Highlands Integrative Pediatrics. It is a pediatric practice in Denver founded by Bryan Kono, MD. ME stands for Matthew Emrick, a para-professional at North Middle School in Aurora, CO who died unexpectedly in 2006. 



The mission of this project is to bring mind/body tools into classrooms and clinics to support students, teachers, patients, clinicians, staff and families in self-regulation skills so that they may become more connected to themselves and others. 

Mindfulness is popping up all around and we feel that the momentum behind this movement is powerful and imperative. There are mindfulness programs already in schools and we feel fortunate to be a part of this next wave. We are not inventing anything new, we are simply putting together a template, a road map, a tool kit and hope to eventually provide funding for schools and clinics to bring specific tools and training into their community with ease. Our hope is that this mindfulness project will support the students & patients on a social emotional level by providing them with tools that can EMPOWER THEM to self regulate and de-escalate AND provide them with adult support while they navigate the tools and find ways to reconnect their mind and body.

We want to be connectors. We want to help schools and pediatric clinics connect to tools,  resources and funding. We want to remind students, patients and others that they can connect to themselves through breath and intention with the guidance and support of specific tools.



Tara Emrick
Executive Director

HIP ME Project


Matthew Emrick